Monday, October 29, 2012

Just returned from a 'dream week' in Charlotte North Carolina for the Your Best Book writing retreat, produced by Free Expressions! Really shifted my writing consciousnesses - the winds of revision - and now I have returned home to Long Island to the winds of a hurricane. Microcosm - to macrocosm - how life reflects art! So, have much to do inside my world and out. Not looking forward to power outages, which I am sure will follow. My neighborhood goes in the slightest thunderstorm!

Speaking of storms  I am looking forward to shaking up my manuscript, infusing her with many of the excellent techniques I learned, and critique responses. While I miss the hurricane of  writer energy, the evenings sipping pinot noir and writing into the night, I am happy to be home finding my comfortable schedule again. Well as comfortable as it can get with a nasty Sandy blowing at my door, but wind can be very exciting! Wind hearkens change one way or the other, and change is in the air!

And since this post is about writers on the verge...I am going to force myself out of my comfort zone, and write a poem a day! An exercise in precision, and the micro-macrocosm stuff I alluded to earlier!

Ode to Sandy

She warns softly,warmly
and speaks in utter whispers till she cannot hold her tongue
and then she lashes, relentlessly
tress bowing, oceans surging in punctuating undulation
Power, preternatural
Arms posed to strike, striking
What else can we do?
We prostrate ourselves in apology and hold tight
Until it's safe to open our eyes.
and then we'll thank her for not taking all

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  1. Stay safe, Janis! <3

    Wishing you much inspiration for your revisions too. ((hugs))